Want to start a freelance writing business TODAY that makes you $1000-$5000 per month and which allows you to create more freedom and family time?

Or perhaps you’ve been yearning to start another stream of income – a side business that brings in money so things are not so tight all the time?

Or perhaps you enjoy writing and would love to get paid for it?

Whatever the case is: I wrote this book for YOU!

In this honest, and straight-to-the-point read, I will share my own story of building a stream of income as a freelancer in 2015 and how that saved my family and me when I suddenly got laid off from my post-doctoral research position.

In Win At Freelance Writing, you will learn:

1) What you need to do BEFORE you “open for business” as a freelance writer – and no, it’s not about getting business cards!

2) How to build proof for your freelance business so you look like a PRO and get high-paying clients from day one

3) How to leverage your education and experience to start a freelance writing business

4) How to use internet marketing and personal branding to earn more clients as a  freelance writer

5) Strategies to grow your freelance writing business once you start it

6) The online tools you should have so you can succeed as a freelance writer

7) Staying productive as a freelance writer 

8) 29 niche industries to offer your freelance writing services in

Ready to become a freelance writer? Click the BUY button to get your copy NOW.

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