I once exclaimed to my husband, “I think I’m a lazy person.”

To which he gave me the most “get out of here with that nonsense” look. At the time, I felt being “lazy” was the reason I was “failing” in my career, and why my attempts at finding a non-academic role were unsuccessful.

Meanwhile I was:

1)parenting a child
2)running a freelance writing business with multiple clients
3)planning, scripting, recording and editing YouTube videos weekly
4)taking on the occasional coaching client
5)doing my fair share of household work

Among other things.

I had to learn to say, “you know what? I did my best today. I am not lazy. This is a season of planting. The harvest will come.” I also learned how to shut things off and relax!

If you’re a natural over-doer, give yourself grace. Work hard. But relax too. Also, we typically don’t reap as soon as we plant, so be rest assured that the harvest will come.

Here’s to a restful weekend.

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