A recent blog I was reading cited a study from Workfolio that found that 56% of hiring managers were impressed when job seekers had a website. And yet according to that study, only 7% of job seekers have a personal website.

I could not locate the study but on a personal level, there is some truth to this.

So, will having a personal website help your career?

Personally, I have found having a website to be an incredible job search tool, right alongside my LinkedIn profile. The only drawback with LinkedIn or any social media platform for that matter is that they don’t last forever.

Or a bug on the website could just shut down your account out of the blue.

Or as it happened in 2021 with Meta social media platforms, they could go dark on your for 24 hours!

Thus, I highly recommend having your own website and that is what I share in today’s video.

Today’s video includes a snippet from my course, How To Build Your Scholar Brand. In this course, I show you how to use tools like LinkedIn and your website to build your personal brand AND thought leadership.

Resources I mention in this video:

Siteground (affiliate link) – the website hosting service I use for all my websites. They are incredibly helpful.

Divi from Elegant Themes – the website theme I use on this website. They have an incredible YouTube channel as well.

How To Build Your Scholar Brand – In September 2022, if you buy this course, I will schedule a 30-minute Zoom call with you on how to up-level your personal brand and thought leadership in a way that grows your career exponentially.

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