“I am a PhD student and recently I have felt extremely discouraged with academia. I’ve invested a lot at this point and don’t want to quit. What’s your suggestion for my next step?”

I get this feeling. Here are my 3 bits of advice for you if you find yourself in this difficult spot.

Find out what you enjoy about your PhD

Find out aspects of your PhD you actually enjoy. Yes, I understand the disillusionment involved here but there is something you enjoy about what you’re doing. It could be a tiny thing. Mine was writing.

Did you find that thing(s)? Okay good.

Do your research

Time to research if there are careers outside academia that leverage that “thing”.

Go research those career paths – read job descriptions, talk to people on those paths, go on Amazon and YouTube and do a search for books on the topic.

Rewrite your resume

Armed with information from your research, rewrite your resume to focus on how YOU are the person an employer absolutely wants for an advertised role.

BTW, this still applies if you’re a postdoc or professor looking to leave academia!

Need extra clarity and help to execute this? Consider a no-fluff, all-action, 1:1 session with me.

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