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Ever since I started interviewing Ph.D.s about their non-academic career paths, it’s been intriguing to see how many people turn their Ph.D. into a business.

Whether it is as a freelance content creator or it is an independent data scientist who helps companies interpret their data in a more equitable way, Ph.D.s are out there writing their own success stories with entrepreneurship. I’ve even had the opportunity to speak with a tenured professor who has built a business as a co-career. Not a side hustle. A co-career!

As you will learn in today’s episode, there is no one way to be an entrepreneur.

In today’s episode of The Bold PhD, I am chatting with Dr. Anna Clemens who has a Ph.D. in chemistry. Anna is a writing coach who helps scientists write scientific papers faster so they can publish more consistently. While Anna focuses on helping academics who work in academia, you will find Anna’s story intriguing because according to her by the time she had defended her dissertation, she knew without a doubt that she wanted to work outside academia. In her case, starting a business was the answer that made the most sense to her.

Tune in to our interview below to learn more about how Anna started as a writing coach. She also shares the crucial lessons she has learned on her entrepreneurial journey.

We talk about:

  • what led Anna to start a business instead of going the traditional employment route
  • Anna’s journey of self-exploration and how that led her to start her business
  • how Anna helps academic researchers in her business and,
  • her advice for PhDs (or anyone) on starting the kind of business YOU want and not what the business books or online gurus may tell you to do.
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