Let’s talk about EB1 visas for PhDs.

What’s the EB1 visa? It is an employment-based US visa for individuals who have distinguished themselves in their field and can prove to the United States government that their presence in the country will be valuable.

I was really glad to have had a conversation with Dr. Aditi Paul about the EB1 visa and…drumroll…the important part mindset plays in that whole process.

But at first glance, it doesn’t seem this pathway to immigrate is accessible. Why? On the government website, you must have done things like won a Nobel, an Oscar, an Olympic medal or have “extraordinary ability and talent”

“No pressure. Someone please pass me my Grammy!” 😁🤣

Aditi does a good job of demystifying the EB1 visa in this episode of The Bold PhD.

If you are an international student interested in the EB1 visa OR you know international students who might find this useful, please share this interview with them.

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